Dr. Burton Shapiro’s clinical focus is on the latest research and successful treatment methods, to help individuals who suffer from neuropathy, and diabetic/metabolic related issues.

Dr. Burton N. Shapiro provides a
“Natural Approach Beyond Mainstream Medicine”

Dr. Shapiro's Background

Dr. Shapiro has an extensive background in trauma and orthopedics. He was the doctor for the Arizona State Karate Alliance. He has worked as a physician to professional golf,
tennis, pro-beach volleyball, semi-pro football, indoor football, kick boxing, and the United States Cycling Federation.

Dr. Shapiro was Governor-Appointed to the Arizona Medical Radiology Technology Board of Examiners.

Dr. Shapiro has been a past host on talkradio discussing health related topics. He provides community services and educational lectures to physicians as well as health information lectures to the community.

Dr. Shapiro’s Credentials

Dr. Shapiro is a physician licensed by:

He also holds multiple board credentials and certifications:

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